Chelan Valley Hops

Fed With the Pristine Waters of Lake Chelan
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Chelan Valley Hops

The only commercial hop farm with irrigation rights to the glacial waters of Lake Chelan.

Chelan Valley Hops farm is located approximately 7 miles from the town of Chelan, Washington in Eastern Washington, 180 miles from Seattle. Originally an apple orchard, our farm reserved its Lake Chelan irrigation rights to feed our crops with the pristine glacial waters of Lake Chelan. The result is plump, bright, vibrant hop cones that we harvest once a year. We only sell whole, wet cones with our goal of “Bine to Brew” within 36 hours of harvest.

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Our five acre farm is micro in stature compared to our bigger brothers to the West. We cater to local micro-breweries that may be competing for inventory with their bigger brothers. With just 50 pound minimum orders, we deliver fresh hops to our clients in Washington, Idaho and Oregon within 36 hours of harvest.

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