Hop Varieties

At Chelan Valley Hops, we offer the three “Big Cs” of whole, wet cones; Cascade, Centennial and Chinook.

Centennial Hops

Centennial Hops were bred by Washington State University in 1990. This is also an aroma variety of hop with specific descriptors of lemon and floral. Sometimes referred to as a super Cascade, Centennials have a higher alpha acid range of 7 – 12% and a lower beta acid range of 3.5 to 5.5%. It is considered a very balanced hop and well suited for “Ale” style beers. Our harvest is expected between the last week of August and the 1st week of September.

Cascade Hops

Named after the Cascade mountain range, Cascade is the most popular variety in boutique and craft brewing. This is an aroma hop which contains low amounts of alpha acids, 5.5 to 9% and beta acids with a range of 6 to 7.5%. The aroma is medium and has a unique floral/spicy and citrus character. Our harvest is expected in the 2nd week of September.

Chinook Hops

Released thru the United States Department of Agriculture’s breeding program at Washington State in 1985, this dual purpose hop has a very high alpha acid content range of 11.5 – 15% and a beta acid range comparable to the Centennial, 3 to 4%. The high alpha content gives the Chinook hop is bittering qualities. Bred as a cross between Petham Golding and a USDA male, its spice, grapefruit and pine aromas gives the Chinook its dual purpose attributes; bittering and aromatic. Our harvest is expected between the 2nd and 3rd weeks of September.