Big Block Brewery

All of our fresh hops were grown at Chelan Valley Hop farm. Because the grower did not give us an alpha acid number can did not calculate IBUs. Roughly 75 pounds of fresh hops were used for each 6 BBL batch of beer. Each IPA is also unique, build with a different grain bill and different bittering hops. This was done so that we can show case the fresh hops and not have the malt or bittering hops overpower the subtle flavor of the fresh hop itself.

Centennial IPA 5.4 % ABV

The Centennial hop is known for its earthy and sometimes grassy characteristics. Those flavors are definitely evident in this beer. A lighter grain bill was used here with very little caramels malts so that the herbal flavors could shine through giving this IPA a slightly lower ABV. Amarillo hops were used for bittering and then a medium dose of Centennial for the middle and finishing addition. Light, herbal and somewhat earthy.

Cascade IPA 6.9% ABV

Cascades are one of the most widely used hops and can take on many different flavor profiles depending on what they are paired with. They can have citrus undertones or floral flavors ranging from strong to mild making this a very flexible but sometimes unpredictable hop to use. Our goal here was tb bring out some of those beautiful subtle citrus t ones. We used a bigger grain and malt bill with this one to balance out some of the bitterness. A northern brewer hop was used to bitter as it has a very neutral clean flavor, cascade in the middle and final additions of the boil. A slight citrus tone is evident, and some may even get a little orange or tangerine from the finish.

Chinook IPA 6.8% ABV

These old school hops have been around for a long time, Chinook was one of the original hops used in IPAs because of its higher alpha acid levels. This hop exhibits strong bitter citrus tones, and, in many cases, you can taste grapefruit or tropical flavors. We used mostly Skagit Valley grains for this one and were shooting for balance, so the malt is more center like most IPA styles. We used Chinook to bitter and Citra for a middle and finishing addition. This is a more bitter IPA and the citrus tones are definitely evident on this great brew.

Imperial Red 8.5% ABV

Most fresh hop beers are IPA or pale ales. This fresh hop Imperial Red is a brand-new brew for us. Imperial Reds are more balanced, less focused on the malt and slightly bitter. Blending a malty style with fresh hops was a challenge. We started with a large grain bill and then used a large amount of Norther Brewer hops for bittering to try and get a good balance between the malt and hops. Cascade for a middle and finishing addition we hoped would add some slight citrus
to the nice malt and bitter balance. We then used cascade as out fresh hops. This is a complex beer, malt flavors are present, some slight bitter or roasted barley tones come out. You can certainly pick up the cascade hops here, maybe more floral and some citrus. A very fun complex brew, I hope you enjoy!